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Elizabeth wanted to punish a guy for messing with her friend. So they both held him down and Elizabeth smothered his face with her ass and farted on his face

Mistress Katja teaches her slave she won't tolerate back talk nor will she allow him to do what she told him not to do. As soon as she gets home, she has him tied and put on the floor. She put her special pillow around his head so he can't move his face. She sits her jeans covered ass in his face and she farts. She loves the squirming he does but it doesn't stop her. She farts until he learns his lesson.

This is a woman that knows how to use what she has to get what she wants. As she relaxes around the house, she realizes she needs her slave to get some things done. After he has finished his tasks, she rewards him by putting her ass in his face and farting. She smells the rank odor but he doesn't move his face from her ass. She continues to fart as she tells him what a good boy he is.

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