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This mistress loves to fart and enjoys doing it at other people's expense. She likes to use her fetish to humiliate others. This time, she was mad at this guy from school. She made him think that she had a thing for him and invited him to her house where she humiliated him by making him lick her ass and smell her stinky and smelly farts and also inhale them.

When it comes to weird fetishes, this mistress takes the honors. She likes to fart of all things. While other people fart in private, she likes to do it in public. She does not hide the fact that she loves farting and she also likes to use this as a punishment or revenge tool. She gets losers and slaves and makes them smell and inhale her farts as punishment for whatever they have done to piss her off.

This mistress has a fart fetish. She likes to eat gassy foods as they make her fart more often. She likes to do it when she is alone in the house so that she does not have to worry about loud farts or stinky farts. She even has a ritual where she pinches as ass and spanks it lightly to make herself fart. She likes to do this in order to get long farts.

Sexy and tattooed inked princess is telling you all about her day and this great restaurant that she visited when she accidentally rips a giant fart. She is embarrassed at first, but since you don't seem to mind, she lets another rip, followed by another. As she sits there talking to you , she quickly fills the room with her gas, but you just don't care. Finally she gets up to leave and farts on the way out.

This girls has been farting so much that liquid shit is starting to seep out of her asshole and onto your face. Not only can you smell the farts, but you can taste shit. The shit sprays out of her asshole and lands right on your face where you can either smell it or eat it. Which would you prefer to do with her lovely and tasty shit soup?

Fat and smelly Samantha has a very active asshole and she loves to share the disgusting smell of her gas with anyone who is low enough to want to smell. Her giant asshole can release so much gas that normal people would faint or vomit, but you are so gross that you love every single second of inhale her noxious fumes. She even spreads her hole wide to let everything out.

Princess Jenny needs to set the record straight with you and you're going to listen. You only exist to smell her perfect ass and eat her farts. You serve no other purpose but to be the target that she uses when she needs to let her gas rip out of her round asshole. You will inhale every last bit of her odorous fart and you will thank her after ward.

Sexy blonde Sarah is enjoying an afternoon on TV while using Mark as her cushion when the unexpected happens. She rips a huge fart in his face. Although her writhes and tries to escape the smell, she just laughs and continues watching her show. Once she's had enough, she just changes positions while keeping him trapped under her smelly ass and making him inhale every last bit of her gas.

When you have an ass like this mistress does, you get lots of attention. When she got this attention, she decided to make use of it. She wondered what else she might do to those guys to enable her have fun at their expense. She researched and found out about fart fetishes. She liked it and tried it. She loved it and has been one of its ardent fans ever since.

This mistress was feeling gassy. She went to the bathroom to try and relieve herself. She farted so loudly and so many times. She felt better but it not only made her feel better, but it also made her curious about farts. She stayed a bit longer and enjoyed farting and unleashing all kinds of farts that she could manage. The smell was not pleasant but she got used to it.

Mistress Melissa is into farting. Since she watched the fetish videos on the internet, she has never stopped trying to perfect her art in them. She got a slave to use in her daily exercises and the slave thought it was going to be a fun thing to do. But it was not. She would facesit on him and make him smell her farts and inhale them. The poor guy had no choice.

This mistress's favorite room in the house is her toilet. That is where she gets to fart and smell her farts as well as try producing different farts without disturbance from anybody. She likes it because she gets to enjoy the different kinds of fart that her body is able to produce. She watched a video about fart fetishes and she loved it so much she started doing it right away.

Mistress Samantha has a fart fetish. She also has a big ass which is like a generator of farts. She likes to record herself farting. She enjoys listening to her own fart noises. She enjoys farting for pleasure and sometimes she enjoys farting as a way to humiliate or even punish a loser or a slave. Farts are her specialty that she has even started a blog about her fetish.

Diamond is a mistress with a big ass. She has a fart fetish and enjoys the sounds and smells her ass makes. She likes locking herself in the toilet and having wet farts. But for all other farts, she enjoys having them in her bedroom. Her best time is when she is alone in the house and she can make sure that she has her fun to the fullest extent.

Angie has a big ass. Many guys love it and like seducing her so they can get to tap it and spank it. She once farted accidentally on a guy and much as she apologized for it, she also liked it. It became her fetish ever since and her favorite thing is to make guys endure her farts and inhale them before she has fun with them. And they always agree.

This mistress was mad at her friend so she decided to get back at her in a way she wouldn't know. That way, she would enjoy seeing her friend do something she didn't imagine or know about and it would always be funny to her. She took her favorite little man and put it in her ass and farted on it. She let the smells go away and watched with amusement as her friend played with it and even licked it.

These mistresses are best friends. They like to have fun in weird ways. This time, they chose to try wrestling. The exiting thing for them was that whoever won had the chance to do whatever it is she wanted to the loser. They had fun and Jessie defeated Mia. She made her lie down and she crushed her face with her face. Then she farted on her face and made her inhale.

Pantara and her friend have a farting fetish. They enjoy farting and trying to see who has a smellier fart. They would compete eating different kinds of foods and then seeing who between them has the worst fart. They like to also try long farts, loud farts, wet farts, stinky farts, gassy farts, and all kinds of farts that they can manage to produce. It is weird but they have fun.

This mistress loves being weird. She likes to do things no one expects her to do. Like farting in public. She likes to fart because it makes people avoid her and she likes to be alone. She is hot and when a guy hits on her and she does not like him or his vibe, she just unleashes a loud fart or better still she unleashes a smelly fart and he disappears.

What do you do when you hate something? Other people ignore it others destroy it. But this mistress likes to humiliate and torture it. She does not like stuffed animals and when she found one in her house, she sat on it and farted on it. She wanted to slowly spoil and destroy it with her smelly and stinking farts. Slowly it started to change color and she knew her plan was working.