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This pretty babe always has a wonderful treat for all of her slaves. One of her favorite things to do is get into her bra and her panties, One of her favorite things to do is let out a series of long farts, so that she is able to really get her room smelling horrible. From there she will have her slave over and he is going to inhale all of her horrible stench.

This pretty babe always has a wonderful treat for all of her slaves. One of her favorite things to do is get into her bra and her panties, but sometimes she will also wear a skirt. From there she is going to let out a huge fart, so that her slave is able to smell all of the horrible stinky air. Her slave loves to enjoy fart worshiping.

These women are always a great time when they are together. One of their favorite things to do is to put on sexy nylons and pantyhose. However from their they are not going to stop because they are also going to tease their slave. Their plan is to let lots of hot farts out and then force him to smell all of the stinky air that is surrounding the room.

A group of very sexy women are going to get together, because they have one thing in mind. They are going to take turns farting for a slave. They think it is very funny that they are able to let really long farts and humiliate a slave at the same time. They are going to make fun of the slave and they also are going to really make sure he is humiliated.

This pretty babe loves to do horrible things to her slave to make him feel like a total loser. One of them is to let out the worst farts right in his face. She thinks it is so funny to make him feel stupid and worthless right in front of her. Her farts are always so gross and smelly. She is laughing at him.

Sweet and fair skinned young Katrin just got some brand new jeans. She couldn't wait to bend over and show you the way her ass looks in her new jeans. Now come closer. Smell that? She couldn't wait to fart in her jeans. The back of the jeans gets hot and smelly as she blasts out one fart after another. She loves the way it makes her jeans warm.

Simka has a nice round as that she spreads apart so she can blast you with farts. She wants you to get nice and close. You can see her asshole start opening and closing as it pushes out fart after fart. The camera is so close to her asshole that you can almost smell her hot farts. They blast out of her perfect asshole one after another. Can you smell it?

Simka is a cute blonde who looks even more cute as she lies down on her stomach with her ass in the air. She looks back because she knows you are watching. She starts farting and pushes out some loud and smelly farts through her red panties. The panties get warm as they farts blast out one after another. She loves farting even more when she knows you are watching her.

These three hot babes look extremely hot in their white satin panties. They look back at you because they know that you are staring at their round asses. Suddenly they start to squeeze out hot farts. The room starts to fill up the smell of farts because all three of these gorgeous girls are farting. The girls start to giggle as they start to smell each other's farts but they do it anyway.

Lariska loves her friend Simka so much that she loves to bend down and sniff her farts. Simka bends over in her tight jeans and starts squeezing out some hot farts. Lariska bends down and starts sniffing the farts deep. She loves the aroma of the farts as they squeeze out from between her supple ass cheeks. The more the farts smell, the more she likes it. She could smell farts all day.

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