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Mistress Tiffany and her friends mistress Ava and lady Bellatrix wanted to get a taste of fart fetish. They had heard about it but had never tried it. They thought it was gross at first but they decided to give it a try. They found a loser who they humiliated. The poor loser had to lie down and lick as well as smell their asses and their farts for fun.

Goddess Vicky is not a cruel mistress. But today she was pissed off and wanted to humiliate her slave. She did not want to make him feel any pain but she wanted him embarrassed. So she decided to fart on him. She made him lie down and she facesat on him and farted on him. She had him inhale her farts before she let him go and told him not to repeat his mistake.

Jessie and Mia were wrestling. Then winner will have the right to do whatever she wanted on the loser including farting on her and making her smell it

This girl wanted to join the club of Candy and Gia. But they wanted to test her endurance. So they facesat on her and even humiliated her by farting on her face but she endured it all

As soon as Kimberly Marvel realizes her slave needs to be punished, she puts on her leather pants and shoes. She commands him over to the bed and puts her round ass in is face. She sits on him, knowing he doesn't have much air to breathe. She starts to fart in his face to give him some air. She knows that he is desperate and she loves it. She gives him the dirty air he needs to survive.

Mistress Katja teaches her slave she won't tolerate back talk nor will she allow him to do what she told him not to do. As soon as she gets home, she has him tied and put on the floor. She put her special pillow around his head so he can't move his face. She sits her jeans covered ass in his face and she farts. She loves the squirming he does but it doesn't stop her. She farts until he learns his lesson.

When Miss Missa X finds herself gassy, she learns how to control it and her slave. When her slave begins to misbehave, she has to find different punishments. She knows that he doesn't like bad odors so she uses her gassy ass against him. This pretty redhead will lock them both in the bathroom on her gassiest days and let go. She quickly fills the room with her rank odors and won't let him out. He has to be punished.

When she started, she didn't know how to train and punish her slaves. She quickly learned how to do it. Poison Maggie enjoys the way that her training is going now. She has a slave that she needs to make an example of so she sits on his face and farts long and hard. He has to breathe all of her odor in his lungs. He is forced to breathe her fart or he will suffocate.

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