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Jessie and Mia were wrestling. Then winner will have the right to do whatever she wanted on the loser including farting on her and making her smell it

Mistress Julie is a sexy dark haired mistress who has her loser slave girl Bambina on the floor and she wants to show her that she is the dominate boss. She takes off her pants and is just wearing her black thong panties as she sits on Bambina's face and smothers her. She then starts farting while her ass is still covering Bambina's nose and mouth and she does not let her have any fresh air.

Mistress Sara and Sam are about to face off on the mats for the first time and Sam is excited to show her what she has. Sara did not tell Sam that she was not feeling well and she quickly pins Sam down on the mats and sits on her face. It did not take long for her to start farting in Sam's face as she smothers her with her sexy ass and forces her to sniff her stinky farts.

Kacie loves to have fun all the time. She is going to have a good time with her favorite person Gia and let Gia know just how special she truly is. Gia is going to get Kacie's cute little ass right on her face, but that is not all Kacie is going to do. She is going to let a huge fart right on Gia's face.

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