Girls Farting

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A very attractive woman is going to put on a really nice outfit that involves a leather skirt. Earlier in the day she ate a vegetable soup, so naturally she is going to have really bad gas. Instead of going and sitting on the toilet, she is going to start releasing all of her bad gas. She is laughing at how stinky and how wet all of her farts are becoming.

An ebony woman is going to show off all of her interesting farting skills. She has always been extremely vocal when it comes time to let out a really wet fart, but she also is terrific at making a slave get on the ground and sniff her ass. Her goals is to let as many farts as she possibly can, because she wants him to feel humiliated by the domination.

A lovely woman is going to have some fun with one of her slaves. She has always been deeply in this by the fact that she has such terrible gas, so when she starts letting out horrible farts, it can get very stinky. She is going to show her slave what a hard-core fart fetish is all about and she will also make him clean her dirty ass.

Baby loves to fart. She enjoys going to the toilet and then producing loud farts. That is always music to her ears

This mistress did not want to harm or inflict pain on her slave. So her punishment was simple. He had to smell her farts

Rima's stomach was bloated. To make herself feel better, she took some warm water then went to her bedroom to fart to release the extra gas in her stomach

This mistress did not have perfume to spray her slave's bedroom. So she resorted to farts. She farted in the room to give it a unique smell

Marinela knew that this loser was admiring her ass. She farted intentionally just to see what his reaction was going to be

Karoline wanted to play a prank on her friend. She went and farted in her bedroom and then left the bad smell in there and ran away

Oxana loves to fart. She likes to call her slave to witness it and also smell her farts

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