Girls Farting

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Alexa Paige is a mistress on the toilet. She is one of the ladies that prefers to be on the toilet for as long as possible, because she thinks farting and cleaning out her ass is a very important thing. She is going to also fart and feel better, because her stomach won't hurt anymore. Alexa feels so much better after she gets off the toilet.

An inked princess is going to be so bad with her horrible farts. She is a smelly girl in general, but when a slave shows interest in her ability to fart and almost shit her panties, she will have some attention. She will let her farts out and grin, because she knows they are so bad with horrible odors. She is cracking up laughing about it.

Katiusha is a mistress that loves to give her scent to other ladies. She has always been a naughty girl, but she is going to really show off what she can do with her ass by farting right on the face of one of her slave girls. The slave girl must sniff and smell up all of her horrid odors that can clear a room with toxic fumes.

Alexandra is a slave that will find out just what Emily and Sibilla are all about. These girls were messing around and thinking that Alexandra was pushing the limits. Therefore, it's only natural that Alexandra find out just how smelly and stinky the two ladies are together. They are going to take turns on her giving her some smelly farts right on the tip of her face.

Mandy has a slave that is totally into anything and everything about Mandy. She is going to let him get a whiff of her ass right after she eats a bunch of cherries. She does know there is a risk that she might let out some shit on his face, but she doesn't care. He is just a loser slave. She will let out a ton of farts.

A group of farting girls are going to have the time of their life when they begin to fart and let out the worst smelling farts. They are all dressed in black catsuits, so they are feeling pretty fucking sassy and like vixens. They will let out numerous farts and will giggle as the slave must endure them all and smell the too. The poor slave.

Dana is a mistress that has always had a great time being a shit to her slaves. However, she also is famous for letting out huge farts right on the face of her slave. She will even suffocate her slaves with her farts, but she does this as she is laughing. She is going to be really stinky and smelly, but she could care less.

Gia is a mistress that is so fucking hot. She is also really noisy when it comes to farting. She will let burps out and be really mean and cruel to her slave, but she is also going to lift her ass and let out the biggest fart. She is going to make the room smell so bad with her stinky ass letting farts right and left.

Inked Princess was contacted for some private tutoring in some of his college courses. But when he was researching some information to contact her she he found out that she was into the fart fetish and he really wanted her to show him the fetish in person. As soon as she arrived for the tutoring session he begged her to fart into his face and let him smell her sexy stinky ass with every single fart.

Inked Princess is sitting on her black easy chair and she is completely naked as she sits and relaxes. She has a special surprise just for you as she holds it in for a few minutes to make it even more intense when she finally lets it go! She then lets it go and she farts a long loud fart and she was not ready to the surprise ending when she had some extra squirt out!

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