Girls Farting

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This farting ebony princess lies down on the bed relaxing and just lets out the farts one after another. She reaches back and pulls her brown ass cheeks apart so her gas will go right in your face. She wants to blast you with all the gas that she can. She loves to fart in your face and make you breathe in her smelly fumes from the food she ate the night before.

Lady Marie and Mistress Michelle get together to double-team their slave. They tell him they are just going to fart on him. He lies down under their asses and realizes that they are going to shit on him. He rolls with it and opens his mouth. Their smelly brown turds go straight from the girls' assholes into his mouth. He chews up the solid turds as there are more for him on the way.

A cute brunette with a nice petite ass stands in her bathroom. She is standing right next to her toilet so she won't have any accidents. She reaches back and puts her hand on her supple ass cheek and lets out some smelly farts for you. Her white stockings and white panties looks so hot as she stands there filling the bathroom with her smelly fumes from her continuous farts.

This amazingly cute brunette is bent over with her ass in your face. You bend in for a closer look and suddenly you get blasted in the face with her noxious fart. You keep your head right there because you want it closer to her creamy white and round ass, but she just keeps passing her gas right next to your nose. She wants you to breathe in her fumes.

This cute little ebony slut invites you into her room. She didn't bring you here to do anything else except sit there and smell her farts. She burps in your face to give you some preliminary gas. Then she teases you with her flirting before turning around with her ass in your face and blasting you with smelly gas. She loves to blast you with her smelly farts and that is all you're getting.

Check out this fascinating and smelly compilations of gassy slut Lizzy who bends over for you with her asshole right in the camera. Her panties are see through so there is almost nothing between you and her nasty farts. She is going to continue to blow them in your face and make you take large whiffs of her stench until she is done with you. You are now her fart slave.

A pretty girl loves to shake her ass when she is in the bathroom, but she also loves to do a few other things. When she is dancing and shaking around she also loves to let out horrible farts. She thinks it is very fun to do and she also loves all of the smells that come from all of her horrible gas. She is laughing the entire time.

A very attractive woman is going to put on a really nice outfit that involves a leather skirt. Earlier in the day she ate a vegetable soup, so naturally she is going to have really bad gas. Instead of going and sitting on the toilet, she is going to start releasing all of her bad gas. She is laughing at how stinky and how wet all of her farts are becoming.

An ebony woman is going to show off all of her interesting farting skills. She has always been extremely vocal when it comes time to let out a really wet fart, but she also is terrific at making a slave get on the ground and sniff her ass. Her goals is to let as many farts as she possibly can, because she wants him to feel humiliated by the domination.

A lovely woman is going to have some fun with one of her slaves. She has always been deeply in this by the fact that she has such terrible gas, so when she starts letting out horrible farts, it can get very stinky. She is going to show her slave what a hard-core fart fetish is all about and she will also make him clean her dirty ass.

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