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When Shanya decides she is going to punish Chadam, she pins him when they are wrestling. She knows that he hates it when she farts in his face so she puts her thong covered ass in his face. She makes sure his nose is in the crack of her ass and she lets long farts rip. She knows they are messy, wet farts and she laughs as she forces him to smell them.

When Shayna decides to do something different, she does it in a big way. She knows that Chadam doesn't want to smell her farts but she tricks him into it. She puts on a thong and wrestles with him. She pins him and sits her ass on his chin. Instead of getting up, she farts in his face. He can't move because she has him pinned. She loves forcing him to breathe her aroma into his lungs and gag.

When Kaylee gives a gift, she gives a gassy, smelly one. As soon as she feels the urge to fart, she bends over and lets it out. She loves to fart into the heaters so that it makes the room smell like her ass. She farts on the counters in the kitchen and on the couch when she is relaxing. Kaylee even eats boiled eggs so that she can fart even more. But before she does, she goes to shit in the bathroom with the door open to stink up the entire apartment.

When Sydnee Capri is in the room relaxing, she doesn't want to waste a second of her time being distracted. When she is feeling gassy, she doesn't want to waste her funk either. As soon as she starts to fart, she has her slave close the doors and windows. She farts long farts and stinky farts. She orders her slave to sit close beside her so that he can smell her. She locks them in the room for hours with her funk for him to enjoy.

As soon as Kimberly Marvel realizes her slave needs to be punished, she puts on her leather pants and shoes. She commands him over to the bed and puts her round ass in is face. She sits on him, knowing he doesn't have much air to breathe. She starts to fart in his face to give him some air. She knows that he is desperate and she loves it. She gives him the dirty air he needs to survive.

When Alice is ready to amuse herself, she farts. She leaves herself in stitches when she puts her round ass in her slave's face and makes him breathe her aroma in. She loves having her ass in his face. She bends over and pulls her panties up her ass so that he can look at the perfect globes. The more she farts, the more she giggles. She knows they are loud and stink but she loves farting in his face just the same.

Have a look at this hot brunette in all of her glory. She wants you to watch her and beg to fuck her. However, she would never go out with a loser like you. Instead, you would just be another one of her helpless fart slaves that she loves to torture. She will let you watch her fart through her sexy tight leggings. She even goes to the toilet and lets off some long farts.

This hot amateur babe, Emma, wrestles a helpless loser slave down to the mat and smothers him with her sexy thighs. She is choking him so tight with her legs that he can't even breathe. As he struggles for air, this hot mistress laughs in his face. She loves the feeling of punishing this loser slave and humiliating him. She even farts in his face and makes him smell it.

Hot blonde lies back on the couch with her legs spread wide open. She is completely naked, showing off her beautiful round tits, which she loves to rub on so much. She also shows off her perfectly shaved pussy. Her pink pussy is dripping and vibrates with every fart that utters from her dirty asshole. You're such a loser that she would let you watch her fart, but you can't touch.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a mistress were to sit on a steel chair and let off some loud farts? Well, that's what you're about to see in this sexy farting video. This hot babe sits her big ass down on a chair and begins to let them rip. Right before this horny mistress stands up from the chair, she lets off some really loud farts.

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