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Listen to this amazing audio from a girls bathroom. Listen to the sweet sounds of girls farting in the toilet and pissing. The tinkling and farting echoes through the entire bathroom. The highlights of the video are where the girls starts shitting in the toilet. There are some loud farts and you can hear turds splashing in the toilet. This is a pretty loud bathroom considering they are girls.

Bunny is sitting on the toilet and she is wearing a sexy bunny outfit and she is full of gas and she is letting it all out. She is sitting on the toilet nice and cute but her asshole is not so cute as she starts farting into the toilet. She pushes out her farts and the room starts filling up with her stinky gas and she is getting ready to fill up the toilet with her fresh stinky shit.

These two girls want to become closer to one another. They have been lovers for several months and want to push the boundaries. They go into a room and fart. They enjoy farting with one another and breathing in the rank fumes. They go into the bathroom to shit and watch one another shit. They look at what comes out of their asses and can't help but get turned on.

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