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Lady Marie and Mistress Michelle get together to double-team their slave. They tell him they are just going to fart on him. He lies down under their asses and realizes that they are going to shit on him. He rolls with it and opens his mouth. Their smelly brown turds go straight from the girls' assholes into his mouth. He chews up the solid turds as there are more for him on the way.

This is the final clip in this amazing series of audio from a girls restroom. They saved the best for last because this one is the most fascinating of all. The pissing is louder and more sustained. The shits are more plentiful. The farts are louder and echo more through the bathroom. If you love hearing girls go to the bathroom, these audio clips will make you extremely horny because it feels like you're there.

Listen to this amazing audio from a girls bathroom. Listen to the sweet sounds of girls farting in the toilet and pissing. The tinkling and farting echoes through the entire bathroom. The highlights of the video are where the girls starts shitting in the toilet. There are some loud farts and you can hear turds splashing in the toilet. This is a pretty loud bathroom considering they are girls.

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