Girls Farting

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These mistresses are best friends. They like to have fun in weird ways. This time, they chose to try wrestling. The exiting thing for them was that whoever won had the chance to do whatever it is she wanted to the loser. They had fun and Jessie defeated Mia. She made her lie down and she crushed her face with her face. Then she farted on her face and made her inhale.

Pantara and her friend have a farting fetish. They enjoy farting and trying to see who has a smellier fart. They would compete eating different kinds of foods and then seeing who between them has the worst fart. They like to also try long farts, loud farts, wet farts, stinky farts, gassy farts, and all kinds of farts that they can manage to produce. It is weird but they have fun.

This mistress loves being weird. She likes to do things no one expects her to do. Like farting in public. She likes to fart because it makes people avoid her and she likes to be alone. She is hot and when a guy hits on her and she does not like him or his vibe, she just unleashes a loud fart or better still she unleashes a smelly fart and he disappears.

What do you do when you hate something? Other people ignore it others destroy it. But this mistress likes to humiliate and torture it. She does not like stuffed animals and when she found one in her house, she sat on it and farted on it. She wanted to slowly spoil and destroy it with her smelly and stinking farts. Slowly it started to change color and she knew her plan was working.

This mistress has a way of sending people away and that is usually using her fart fetish. She likes to fart and when people smell the stinking farts, they excuse themselves and they never return. She does that to people she does not want to see again or people she does not like. It has always been effective and she has started to share the tip online to her fans by making videos for them.

Marinela learnt of the scat fetish but she did not enjoy it much. She however liked the fart fetish one. She likes how she can create different kinds of sounds from her long farts and how they smell of different kinds of things. She likes smelly gasses because they can repulse people and she likes to take photos and videos of herself farting and sharing them with her friends with fart fetishes.

Few mistress love fart fetishes like this mistress does. She likes to fart any chance she gets. That is why she likes to finish work early so that she can go home and remove her clothes and have fun farting. She has a blog dedicated to farting and she likes to upload audios of herself farting and sometimes videos of herself farting. In addition, she also takes photos of herself farting.

Farting is this mistress' favorite pastime. She likes to take gassy foods so that she can have enough to fart. She likes to surprise people with it and pretended that it came out accidentally. She loves their reaction to it. She does not care what they think of her and of late she has started making videos of herself farting because she realized there is a niche market for it.

This cute and petite brunette came into the bathroom, but all she can do is fart. She sits on the bowl and waits for a big turd but all she gets is a toilet bowl full of gas. The farts are pretty damn loud and wet for such a petite girl. She must have eaten something that gave her gas. If you have a fart fetish, this girls has plenty wet farts for you.

This farting ebony princess lies down on the bed relaxing and just lets out the farts one after another. She reaches back and pulls her brown ass cheeks apart so her gas will go right in your face. She wants to blast you with all the gas that she can. She loves to fart in your face and make you breathe in her smelly fumes from the food she ate the night before.

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