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Sara and Sam have a fart fetish. They like to see who can withstand the other's farts. So they compete to see who has the stinkiest farts

While having fun, Sam and Sara tried the 69. But Sam was so gassed up that she could not hold back her fart and ended up farting on Sara's face

She pretended to have fun with him but in the real sense, she wanted to humiliate him. She trampled him with her ass and farted on him in the process

This girl is so naughty that she decided to tape the sounds of people who go into the toilet. She has a recorder that records especially farts

Farting is what this girl likes. She only eats food that makes her gassy and in turn makes it easy for her to have loud farts and wet farts

Jasmine and her friend bet that whoever pins the other down can do whatever she likes to the other. She managed to and she farted on her friend in the face

This mistress and her boyfriend were having some quality time. She wanted to test him so she farted on him and he brushed it away

Jasmine and her friend were having a wrestling match. But she had a trick up her sleeve. When she got on top, she farted on her friend and disgusted her

Alexa loves to fart. She wanted to make a fart deodorant so she farted into a jar and sealed it and pranked her friend with it

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