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Sexy Canadian hottie Ariel Black puts on her sexiest pink underwear and farts for your pleasure. She spreads her legs and exposes her tight asshole and lets out some stinky, wet farts right in your face. She lets out one too many wet farts and ends up squeezing out some brown shit. It's stinky and smelly, but she knows you like it. She loves to see you get off on her farts.

Beautiful Renee puts on some waist high, black pantyhose with a lush fur and starts letting loose with some stinky farts. She loves the way it feels to fart on fur so she lays some furs out on the bed. She rolls around all over the bed and squeezes out some long, stinky farts. She loves rubbing her gassy ass with pantyhose all over the fur and farting for your pleasure.

Beautiful ebony princess Sydnee Capri puts on her best sexy blue dress and gazes out her window. She knows you're watching her so she lets out some stinky farts out of her nice round ass. The stinky farts drift through her tight blue dress and stink up the room. She continues gazing out the window as he ignores you and subjects you to some long, loud, stinky and wet farts.

Selena is a shy college girl, but she still agreed to let you watch her push out some stinky, wet farts before sitting on the toilet and pooping right in front of you. She wipes her sweet ass and shows you the paper. You though her farts were stinky, but that's nothing compared to the poop she just plopped in the toilet. You can almost smell her dirty asshole.

This ebony princess loves to lay in her room and push out some loud, stinky farts through her sexy, tight black panties. After her gassy ass spews out quite a few long farts she takes the camera with her to the bathroom so you can hear her loud farts echo in the toilet. She continues with more wet farts until there is a plop. She knows you have a fart fetish.

This gassy mistress lets you watch as she squeezes out some wet farts through her skin tight spandex. She will satisfy your fart fetish with some stinky farts before pulling off her spandex so you can see and hear her ass blow out some more wet farts right in your face. She loves to push wet farts out of her dirty asshole for your pleasure, but don't get too closes or you'll get a face full.

Ariel Black and Jasmin are sick of the way they are treated by their boss so they plan the ultimate revenge. They hold him down and fart on him. He lays helpless as they spread their nice round asses and sit on him. The show their domination over him and subject him to some long farts right on his skin. This boss will treat his employees like royalty when these gassy asses are done.

Jasmine invited her friend Mia to a wrestling match. These two women are dressed in string bikinis and tops. As soon as Jasmine sees a weakness, Mia gets pinned. Jasmine puts her round ass in Mia's face and quickly starts to fart. Mia can't get lose so she has to inhale the funk that is coming from Jasmine's ass. She loves forcing Mia to breathe the funk coming from her ass.

When she is sitting at her desk, she feels a fart coming on. She knows it is going to be a big one and calls her slave close to her. She stands and puts her ass his face. She lets out one of the longest farts she has ever passed. She loves having her stinky long fart go directly into his face. She loves knowing that her farts turn him on.

When Renee has a slave that must be punished, she doesn't care what size they are. She doesn't care that her slave is a shrunken person. She will punish him with her round ass and stinky farts. She puts her small slave on the counter and puts her round ass on him. She puts him in a position that he will have to catch the odor of her wet farts and be surrounded by them.

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