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This ebony mistress was having sex with her boyfriend, but he did not know the trick she had up her sleeve. He had wronged her and she never forgot. So she waited till he was giving her head then she farted on his face

Kelsey is a beautiful princess. She has a great figure and a nice and spankable ass. But Kelsey likes to use her looks to fart on unsuspecting admirers and some of her slaves. She enjoys disgusting them by farting on their faces

This mistress has the ultimate BBW ass. Her round ass is cute, spankable and fuckable as well. But she has another use for it. She likes to use it to fart to her slaves. She's never short of guys who want to fuck her ass, and these are the ones she farts on

Elvira likes to use her nice ass to disgust and humiliate people. For starters, she likes to lie to guys and make them think that they are about to get intimate, and when they go down on her, she farts on their face

Ariel Black has a nice ass that most guys would like to fuck and spank. But she likes to use it to humiliate guys. She makes someone lick it and kiss it then without warning, she releases a stinky fart on his face

This girl likes ink and farting. Any chance she gets, she has a new tattoo, and any time she's bored, she likes to fart. She enjoys farting on people's face and seeing how disgusted their faces are when she releases a loud and stinky fart

There are few things that relieve this mistress like farting. She likes to eat gassy foods and then release slow and stinky farts. She likes it when someone else is there to smell her farts. But she can also do it even when she's alone.

This girl likes to fart. She did not have someone to fart on, but that was not going to deter here. She got a toy and then directed all her smelly farts at the poor toy, which she also sat on

Kelsey and Shay love the smell of farts. Weird considering many people think it is gross. But they like especially the stinky farts and they like to take gassy food so that they can have lots of farts. They even have a competition where they try to see who has the stinkiest fart. So they smell each other and whoever has the stinkiest fart wins this gassy ass farting contest.

There is nothing that this girl likes more than farting. She farts as often as she can, and takes certain types of food just to get the gas and then relieve herself with nice long farts. But at times, it does not go as good as she hopes it to, and she ends up releasing a wet fart and it soils her panties. So she prefers to fart without her panties.

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