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Mistress Sara and Sam are about to face off on the mats for the first time and Sam is excited to show her what she has. Sara did not tell Sam that she was not feeling well and she quickly pins Sam down on the mats and sits on her face. It did not take long for her to start farting in Sam's face as she smothers her with her sexy ass and forces her to sniff her stinky farts.

With a booty as nice and as big as this mistress's, she has many admirers. And she does not joke when she makes them smell her ass and puts her ass in their face

Anyone would love to fuck Irusea's nice ass. She has a nice ass and figure, but she uses it to attract and lure guys then use them to satisfy her fart fetish by farting in their faces instead

This mistress is nasty. She likes eating foods which give her gas and then making her slaves endure all that fart that comes with it. She especially likes farting in their faces for maximum impact

Sparkly wanted to disgust and degrade her slave. She pooped and pissed on her underwear and gave it to her slave to wash. She wanted him to have the humiliation of washing her underwear and smell her farts

Irene has a nice ass. And she likes to use it to fart. A lot of guys want to spank her and others to fuck her in the ass, but she usually takes advantage of them and farts in their faces

Other mistresses enjoy just farting on their slaves and disgusting them with their smelly and stinky farts. But Ariel Black goes ahead and even poops on them. She wants the humiliation and degradation to be complete, which it cannot be without scatting.

This ebony mistress was having sex with her boyfriend, but he did not know the trick she had up her sleeve. He had wronged her and she never forgot. So she waited till he was giving her head then she farted on his face

Kelsey is a beautiful princess. She has a great figure and a nice and spankable ass. But Kelsey likes to use her looks to fart on unsuspecting admirers and some of her slaves. She enjoys disgusting them by farting on their faces

This mistress has the ultimate BBW ass. Her round ass is cute, spankable and fuckable as well. But she has another use for it. She likes to use it to fart to her slaves. She's never short of guys who want to fuck her ass, and these are the ones she farts on

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