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Princess Diana was making a demonstration video. She wanted to show her viewers how to torture and humiliate slaves and fart on them

Lady Milena wanted to punish the slave. So she farted on the slave and made him smell her stinky farts then she facesat on him and smothered his face with her heels

Sarah and her friends have amazing asses. This guy loves them and they gave him a chance to feel them. But it was not what he expected. They made him smell their asses and farted on him.

This mistress wanted to make money. She realized she could use her lovely ass to make the money. So she created a webpage where she made farting videos

This mistress usually has nasty and stinky ass. That is why she loves the toilet. She can fart as loudly as she wants and can give out the smelliest farts if she wishes.

Elizabeth wanted to punish a guy for messing with her friend. So they both held him down and Elizabeth smothered his face with her ass and farted on his face

Miss Doertie wanted to give out a nasty fart. So she smoked and then let the smoke mix with what she had eaten for supper. Then she gave out the fart she wanted

Alexa is a stunning mistress that looks amazing in her denim jeans. She is going to put on her best pair of jeans because she plans on doing something really humiliating to her slave boy. She is going to release some really horrible farts in the air, and she is also going to make her slave sit there and inhale all of the horrible odors until he is ready to gag.

This lovely lady is going to have some fun with a jar. She is very creative and she likes to do things for her slave that will make them feel humiliated so that she can laugh right in their face. She is going to let all of her really stinky farts into a jar, and then put the lid on the jar. She will give each one of the jars as a present.

Lady Latoria is a mistress then enjoys drinking her cocktails as she has her personal slave clean her leather boots. She also loves to do really humiliating things to him so that he knows his place in her world. One of the favorite things she enjoys doing is making him clean her ass, but he also must inhale all of her horrible odors and he must make sure everything is clean.

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