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When Miss Missa X finds herself gassy, she learns how to control it and her slave. When her slave begins to misbehave, she has to find different punishments. She knows that he doesn't like bad odors so she uses her gassy ass against him. This pretty redhead will lock them both in the bathroom on her gassiest days and let go. She quickly fills the room with her rank odors and won't let him out. He has to be punished.

Queen P is a sleeping giant. She knows that her slaves are dedicated to her and she wants them to be happy, even when she's sleeping. She requires her slaves to sleep in bed surrounding her because she wants them to breathe her farts even when they are sleeping. She puts on her thong and goes to sleep. When she sleeps, she rips long and nasty farts. She puts her aroma in the air and loves that her slaves look forward to bedtime.

When she started, she didn't know how to train and punish her slaves. She quickly learned how to do it. Poison Maggie enjoys the way that her training is going now. She has a slave that she needs to make an example of so she sits on his face and farts long and hard. He has to breathe all of her odor in his lungs. He is forced to breathe her fart or he will suffocate.

When she finds that her boyfriend is lazy, she teaches him the consequences. She surprises him by coming home from work early and sits on his face. She doesn't care that he is asleep on the couch. She sits in his face and starts to fart. As she is farting, she tells him what his responsibilities are and demands that they be done daily. When he agrees, she will get up and until then, she will continue to fart in his face.

When Mia gets her lover on the bed, she finds that she can get the upper hand by surprise. As she gets her lover pinned, she sits her barely covered ass on her face. Once she gets her settled, she farts in her face. She loves feeling Shanya struggling but not being able to breathe without her fart filling her lungs. After a while, she stops struggling and she accepts the farts that are in her face.

When Mistress Gaia farts, she does it for fun. As she realized her slave followed her when she farts, she started using it as a training tool. She loves to get what she wants without having to ask for it. She trains her slave to deliver and she sees that farting is the perfect reward. When he's been a really good boy, she pulls her panties aside and lets him have a long and stinky fart right in his face.

When she lays down to entertain herself, she wants her slave to do the same. She has him put his face in the folds of her ass so she can fart in his face. She loves being the air that he breaths because she knows that he can't live without her. She lets out some long and wet farts so that he can understand how weak he is without her wind in his lungs.

This is a woman that knows how to use what she has to get what she wants. As she relaxes around the house, she realizes she needs her slave to get some things done. After he has finished his tasks, she rewards him by putting her ass in his face and farting. She smells the rank odor but he doesn't move his face from her ass. She continues to fart as she tells him what a good boy he is.

Kaylee is a really cutie! And she loves the sound of hot farts. And she likes it to being watched doing so! So she took the camera to the toilet and sits down on the bowl. The bowl is a really good opportunity to increase and amplify the sound of the farts! In this clip you can see and HEAR her on different days. A really nice action with very loud and stinky farts...!

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