Girls Farting

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There are few things that relieve this mistress like farting. She likes to eat gassy foods and then release slow and stinky farts. She likes it when someone else is there to smell her farts. But she can also do it even when she's alone.

This girl likes to fart. She did not have someone to fart on, but that was not going to deter here. She got a toy and then directed all her smelly farts at the poor toy, which she also sat on

Kelsey and Shay love the smell of farts. Weird considering many people think it is gross. But they like especially the stinky farts and they like to take gassy food so that they can have lots of farts. They even have a competition where they try to see who has the stinkiest fart. So they smell each other and whoever has the stinkiest fart wins this gassy ass farting contest.

There is nothing that this girl likes more than farting. She farts as often as she can, and takes certain types of food just to get the gas and then relieve herself with nice long farts. But at times, it does not go as good as she hopes it to, and she ends up releasing a wet fart and it soils her panties. So she prefers to fart without her panties.

This bbw ebony has a big appetite. She can have several meals a day and when she's done, a healthy amount of gas is formed by then. And she's not shy about releasing it because it makes her stomach uncomfortable. She likes to fart and actually brags that her long farts can outlast anyone else's. And you only need to hear her farting and you will know that it is true.

Marusea loves to wear her fur and relax while staring at a slave. Little does the slave know, but she ate a bunch of food that is going to make the slave gag. The slave won't know what hit him when she is done letting out farts over and over. One of the farts will make her wonder if she shit herself, because the smell was so bad.

Victoria called up one of her slaves and told him she had something so hot and sexy for him. Little did he know that she really meant she was going to let out so many farts, he is going to be gagging. The funniest part is she is going to laugh as all the farts are coming out of her tight asshole. The slave will be gagging.

A pretty girl in a red bikini might look as though she is not up to anything, but really she is going to tease her slave. The slave will find out that she is going to torture him with her really nasty farts. The slave will end up having to smell and sniff her farts when she is laughing at him being so grossed out. She is amused.

Irusik cannot getting anymore sexier than she already is. She is going to put on an outfit that is so hot, but she can also be so brutal too. She will show off her perfect cunt, and expose what all the guys love. That is not the case today, because she is going to let out nasty farts and laugh when the slaves all must sniff them.

A mistress is going to do some horrible things to her slaves. She is going to make her slave get right by her ass, so she she is able to let a fart with powder on her asshole. As she farts, the powder will end up blowing in the air along with the horrible smell. She giggles as the slave must suck up all of the scent.

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