Girls Farting

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This is the final clip in this amazing series of audio from a girls restroom. They saved the best for last because this one is the most fascinating of all. The pissing is louder and more sustained. The shits are more plentiful. The farts are louder and echo more through the bathroom. If you love hearing girls go to the bathroom, these audio clips will make you extremely horny because it feels like you're there.

Watch this little slave get farted on. This girl uses a tiny toy doll so she can have something to punish with her smelly farts. She sets the toy down on the chair. The girl bends over and pulls down her tight pants. When she gets her ass right next to the toy, she starts blasting it with hot farts. The farts blow out of her sexy ass right in the face of the tiny slave.

Listen to this amazing audio from a girls bathroom. Listen to the sweet sounds of girls farting in the toilet and pissing. The tinkling and farting echoes through the entire bathroom. The highlights of the video are where the girls starts shitting in the toilet. There are some loud farts and you can hear turds splashing in the toilet. This is a pretty loud bathroom considering they are girls.

Shayna is a cute and very skilled wrestler who challenges Chadam to a wrestling match. Chadam should have never accepted because he is completely dominated by Shayna. She quickly gets the better of him and sits on his face. This hard facesitting starts smothering him when she pushes down hard with all her weight. She loves to feel him fight for air under the weight of her pussy crushing his face.

This mistress was gassy. And it made her uncomfortable. She decided to fart so as to release the gas from her stomach. She did it on her slave and liked it

This girl loves to do stuff with her ass. She likes anal sex and likes to insert dildos into her ass. But she also likes farting and having loud and long farts

Sara and Sam have a fart fetish. They like to see who can withstand the other's farts. So they compete to see who has the stinkiest farts

While having fun, Sam and Sara tried the 69. But Sam was so gassed up that she could not hold back her fart and ended up farting on Sara's face

She pretended to have fun with him but in the real sense, she wanted to humiliate him. She trampled him with her ass and farted on him in the process

This girl is so naughty that she decided to tape the sounds of people who go into the toilet. She has a recorder that records especially farts

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