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Alexa and her smelly farts can clear a room. She takes great amusement in the fact that she is able to stink up a room so bad. She also is going to make sure that she forces one of her slave boys to get on his knees so that he is able to get a full whiff of the horrible smell that is coming from her ass. She is deeply amused.

This mistress has a great ass which she likes to show off. But she also likes to make guy and slaves smell her ass when she has farted. And sometimes they are wet farts so it is disgusting and humiliating and she loves it!

She likes see-through pantyhose. That way, her underwear is visible. And because she has a great ass and figure, she knows you will be turned on. After you are, she makes you smell her farts as you bend over to lick her ass

This mistress enjoys farting. But since she does it naked, she likes to do it in the toilet because she sometimes forces loud farts and ends up with wet farts. So it is safer for her to do it in the toilet

Mistress Ariel has a sexy ass. One that many men would love to tap. But she does not like it tapped. She prefers to make guys smell her farts when they admire it and want a piece of it

This mistress has a big and round ass. And she knows how to use it as a punishment weapon. She likes to get naked and then open her asshole and make a slave smell the fart coming from there

Mariah has a weird way of humiliating and punishing her slaves, and that is with her fart fetish. She likes to bend over and then make her smell her ass while she releases loud farts, stinky farts as well as gassy farts on them

She was a sweet girl before she discovered the fart fetish. She has an ass to die for and when she discovered that guys loved it and some would pay to smell her farts and watch her do disgusting things, she found a fetish and an outlet or her pent up naughtiness not forgetting a way to make money

This mistress has both a scat and fart fetish. Whenever she's alone in the house, that is all she can think of and that is all she does. Releasing long and stinky farts followed by some heavy shit is her specialty

Sibilla and her friend Aurora had a score to settle with Alexandra. And they wanted to do it in style. So they invited her over and then made her lay on the sofa before they farted on her and released long and stinky farts on her face

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