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She was a sweet girl before she discovered the fart fetish. She has an ass to die for and when she discovered that guys loved it and some would pay to smell her farts and watch her do disgusting things, she found a fetish and an outlet or her pent up naughtiness not forgetting a way to make money

This mistress has both a scat and fart fetish. Whenever she's alone in the house, that is all she can think of and that is all she does. Releasing long and stinky farts followed by some heavy shit is her specialty

Sibilla and her friend Aurora had a score to settle with Alexandra. And they wanted to do it in style. So they invited her over and then made her lay on the sofa before they farted on her and released long and stinky farts on her face

Gia and her friend Bambina both have a fart fetish and they wanted to find out who between them had the stinkiest and longest farts. So they lay on the sofa in their underwear and farted on each other's faces

This mistress is sure nasty. She likes doing disgusting and nasty things to her slave. She bent over and removed her underwear and made the slave lick and smell her asshole before releasing some long and stinky farts on his face

This mistress has a round ass and has a farting fetish. The toilet is her favorite part of the house and she spends a lot of time there releasing long farts, wet farts, smelly farts, stinky farts and gassy farts.

Disgusting and humiliating her slaves in this mistress's specialty. She does it to perfection. And she likes to humiliate them using her farts. She does it in her panties and farts on their faces and makes them smell it

Mistress Julie is a sexy dark haired mistress who has her loser slave girl Bambina on the floor and she wants to show her that she is the dominate boss. She takes off her pants and is just wearing her black thong panties as she sits on Bambina's face and smothers her. She then starts farting while her ass is still covering Bambina's nose and mouth and she does not let her have any fresh air.

Mistress Madison is a sexy blonde mistress wearing tight pink yoga pants and she has a special surprise for you as she bends over and puts her pink ass in your face. She then starts farting and these are some of the stinkiest farts that she has ever had and it has taken her days of eating gassy foods and she is shocked by the stench of the ass as she keeps farting and almost shits in her pants.

Mistress Sara and Sam are about to face off on the mats for the first time and Sam is excited to show her what she has. Sara did not tell Sam that she was not feeling well and she quickly pins Sam down on the mats and sits on her face. It did not take long for her to start farting in Sam's face as she smothers her with her sexy ass and forces her to sniff her stinky farts.

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