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Mistress Nikki and mistress Sara used their hotness to turn on this guy and to do crazy and naughty things to him. He was made to lie down and since they were all naked, he thought that was a chance for him to fuck them but it was not. The mistresses turned on him and they made him drink their pee as well as smell their farts.

Mistress Madison has a great ass and she never misses a chance to gyrate it. Today she did not just want to tease a guy and leave him high and dry. She wanted to try something else. So she asked the guy to lick her asshole after she had teased him. She knew he would not say no to her because she had him by the balls and controlled him.

Mistress Gaia laughed at this guy when he said she could not handle him. He thought he was baiting her but he ended up being baited. The mistress tricked him and she ended up making him lick her asshole and smell her farts. He had no choice but to do that. He learned his lesson the hard way and he tried to correct his mistake but it was too late.

Goddess Allie wanted to teach her new slave to know when to talk and when to shut up. The mistress facesat on him and she even went ahead to fart on him. The mistress told the humiliated slave it was up to him whether he would be punished again or not. Looking at him, goddess Allie knew he had learned his lesson and would not be a bother to her again.

With her sexy ass, this mistress wanted to carry out an experiment. She had many guys complement her ass and she turns many heads whenever she wears something tight. Her ass is rounded, curvy and gorgeous. But today she wanted to find out if she could get someone to smell her farts. So the mistress used her gorgeous ass to tease this guy and she got him to smell her ass and her farts.

Mistress Nikki and mistress Sara knew that they could not individually wrestle and win against this guy. But they also knew that he could not beat both of them. So they ganged up against him and they wrestled him and won. They did not stop there. They farted on him before they went ahead to flirt with him, make him lick their pussies, and their asses as well. At least the fight ended on a positive note.

Lady Shay felt bad when she learned that her slave had been lying to take. He was taking advantage of the lies to make some money from her and she did not like it. She had to punish him and she did it with her farts because she was gassy and she was tired. She did not have the strength to punish him so she postponed the physical punishment and resorted to choke him with her farts.

Mistress Madison wiggled her ass to draw this guy to her. He came as expected as she has a gorgeous ass. But as he came, she tied him up and she told him he had seen nothing yet. He obliged and let her have her way with him. It all went smoothly until she shocked him by farting on him. She farted on his face and made him smell her farts.

Mistress Gaia loves to gain respect the hard way. She does not care about doing something good in order to earn respect. Hers is forced and comes from facesitting on guys, farting on them and dominating them. She degraded this loser using her sexy ass and made him lick her asshole and her farts. She only let him go when she was tired and she felt it was enough for him.

Mistress Melissa tied her slave's face to her naked butt and she had fun farting on him. She did not want him to get his face out of her butt even when she did not have farts. The mistress wanted him to choke on her ass as well as though her farts. He was so dominated and degraded that he nearly puked on her ass. That is when she let him go.

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