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Ariel Black is all dressed up in her sexy nighty and she wants to fart all over your face like the pathetic loser that you are. She wants you to walk into the room and watch her as she plays with her sexy round ass. She pulls her ass cheeks apart and farts right in front of you. She would punish you by holding you down and farting all over your ugly face.

Kaylee is a terrific mistress with a twisted side to her. She loves to launch smelly farts at her slave. Some of her slaves will get her gassy farts, but some of her slaves will get the wet farts. Kaylee always makes sure she lets out a huge variety of smelly farts that will clear a room they are so bad. The stinkier the better when it comes to her farts.

Joschi is known for being a really pathetic slave. He has always been a favorite to several mistresses, because he is such a loser. He does anything he can to make his mistresses happy. Lady Jessica loves to use Joschi as her slave that sniffs her ass and absorbs in all of her farts. Joschi has his nose in Lady Jessica's ass to sniff up her farts.

A sexy brunette will take her time in the bathroom farting. She loves to take her time when she is in the bathroom, but her real mission is going to be on the toilet. Her love for farting is going to be shown, plus she loves to let out the longest farts. Her ass is perfect, so naturally her farts are going to be a wonderful thing.

These two girls want to become closer to one another. They have been lovers for several months and want to push the boundaries. They go into a room and fart. They enjoy farting with one another and breathing in the rank fumes. They go into the bathroom to shit and watch one another shit. They look at what comes out of their asses and can't help but get turned on.

When she wants a new slave, she is very particular. She wants a slave that loves her ass and she wants one that loves her music. She loves to fart and she wants a lover that loves the smell of her farts. When she is looking, she drops her pants and thongs. As she grabs her ass and starts to fart. She loves the way he sniffs the air and gets as close as possible to get more of the powerful music coming from her ass.

When this beauty wants something, she finds that she has to be explicit. She shows her slave what she wants him to do for her. She grabs an action figure and puts it in her white shorts. She shows that she wants his face in her ass, inside her shorts as well as outside. She wants to sit on his face and force him to smell her stinky farts. She wants to be the air he breathes.

Mia loves to push the boundaries with her lover. Shanya is always asleep when she has ideas so she has to spring it on her. She wants to try farting and facesitting so when Shanya is asleep, Mia puts her panty covered ass in her face and she starts to fart. Shanya fights and they wrestle but Mia wins. She loves the feeling it gives her to have her lover inhale her farts.

When Kaylee is cleaning her room, she finds what her master has left behind. She finds a hidden camera in her room so she plays with it. She knows that her master loves her ass so she puts her ass in the camera. She starts to fart and she can't stop. She treats her master to a long series of farts. She doesn't know if he will be happy but she treats him to some great ass shots with sounds of farting.

when Renee decides to introduce something to her lover, she makes it fun. She knows that he loves her farting so she shows her ass and favorite panties off as she farts for him. She changes gradually until she comes to a pair of chocolate covered panties. She wants to shit on him so she shows him how sexy brown looks on her ass with the smell of her farts in the air. Eventually, he will give in.

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