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Watch this little slave get farted on. This girl uses a tiny toy doll so she can have something to punish with her smelly farts. She sets the toy down on the chair. The girl bends over and pulls down her tight pants. When she gets her ass right next to the toy, she starts blasting it with hot farts. The farts blow out of her sexy ass right in the face of the tiny slave.

Irene has a nice ass. And she likes to use it to fart. A lot of guys want to spank her and others to fuck her in the ass, but she usually takes advantage of them and farts in their faces

When Renee has a slave that must be punished, she doesn't care what size they are. She doesn't care that her slave is a shrunken person. She will punish him with her round ass and stinky farts. She puts her small slave on the counter and puts her round ass on him. She puts him in a position that he will have to catch the odor of her wet farts and be surrounded by them.

This hottie is showing off in some very tight pants. She wants you to bring your ugly face over and stick it between her round ass cheeks. She wants you to put your nose right at her asshole and sniff her dirty ass. You're a loser and she wants to make you her fart slave. She will punish you and humiliate you until you can't take it anymore, because you're a sissy boy.

Ariel Black is all dressed up in her sexy nighty and she wants to fart all over your face like the pathetic loser that you are. She wants you to walk into the room and watch her as she plays with her sexy round ass. She pulls her ass cheeks apart and farts right in front of you. She would punish you by holding you down and farting all over your ugly face.

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