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This cute and petite brunette came into the bathroom, but all she can do is fart. She sits on the bowl and waits for a big turd but all she gets is a toilet bowl full of gas. The farts are pretty damn loud and wet for such a petite girl. She must have eaten something that gave her gas. If you have a fart fetish, this girls has plenty wet farts for you.

A cute brunette with a nice petite ass stands in her bathroom. She is standing right next to her toilet so she won't have any accidents. She reaches back and puts her hand on her supple ass cheek and lets out some smelly farts for you. Her white stockings and white panties looks so hot as she stands there filling the bathroom with her smelly fumes from her continuous farts.

This amazingly cute brunette is bent over with her ass in your face. You bend in for a closer look and suddenly you get blasted in the face with her noxious fart. You keep your head right there because you want it closer to her creamy white and round ass, but she just keeps passing her gas right next to your nose. She wants you to breathe in her fumes.

This sexy Inked Princess is wearing a pair of black and pink kitty panties and she is full of gas. She really has to fart so she lays back on her side and puts her ass by the camera and starts farting so you can enjoy her sexy ass and panties as she farts. Her stunning panties are filled with her hot stinky gas as she farts over and over again.

Mistress Vika is a sexy brunette mistress standing in the shower and she is wearing a pink and white bikini as she stands in the shower and she is ready to start farting. She has a lot of gas and she needs to get it out so she puts her round ass by the camera and starts farting and lets you watch and listen as she fills the shower with her sexy asshole.

This hot brunette enjoys pushing the limits with her boyfriend. She loves the way that he adores her body functions so she finds out if he loves her farts too. She has on his favorite sheer panties and she puts her ass in his face. He loves looking at her ass and inhales as she farts. She notices his dick is hard as she farts and she continues to do it. They have discovered another pleasure.

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