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Mistress Anna loves a good fart and that is why she is always on the lookout for foods that can make her gassy. Today she wanted to record herself farting so that she could have a record of it. And she made sure it was a pov video so that she could analyze it well after she was done farting. She wanted to find areas of improvement and what else she could try.

Mistress Mini and mistress Nikki found out that this slave was sneaking on them so that he could check them out especially when he was sure they would be naked. The mistresses were pissed about that behavior and had to punish him. They did it by cruelly farting on him and letting him see their asses and their pussies then facesitting on him. He was then made to jerk off and never to repeat that.

Mistress Delvia felt that her housemaid was not as hardworking as she needed to be and as she used to be. So she felt that the best thing to do under the circumstances was to fart on her. And she did it after she had undressed for her to get the maximum amount of farts and for it to be as smelly as possible. She went back to being hardworking after that.

Elvira likes to use her nice ass to disgust and humiliate people. For starters, she likes to lie to guys and make them think that they are about to get intimate, and when they go down on her, she farts on their face

Check out this brunette hottie as she lays around on her couch, showing off her beautiful round ass while she's wearing leggings. Her ass is so big that it almost rips through her tight leggings. She will make your her fart slave and you will do everything that she says. She wants you to get on your knees and listen to every fart that bellows from her dirty tight ass.

Queen P is a sleeping giant. She knows that her slaves are dedicated to her and she wants them to be happy, even when she's sleeping. She requires her slaves to sleep in bed surrounding her because she wants them to breathe her farts even when they are sleeping. She puts on her thong and goes to sleep. When she sleeps, she rips long and nasty farts. She puts her aroma in the air and loves that her slaves look forward to bedtime.

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