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Karoline wanted to play a prank on her friend. She went and farted in her bedroom and then left the bad smell in there and ran away

Watch this little slave get farted on. This girl uses a tiny toy doll so she can have something to punish with her smelly farts. She sets the toy down on the chair. The girl bends over and pulls down her tight pants. When she gets her ass right next to the toy, she starts blasting it with hot farts. The farts blow out of her sexy ass right in the face of the tiny slave.

This mistress was gassy. And it made her uncomfortable. She decided to fart so as to release the gas from her stomach. She did it on her slave and liked it

Farting is what this girl likes. She only eats food that makes her gassy and in turn makes it easy for her to have loud farts and wet farts

This mistress and her boyfriend were having some quality time. She wanted to test him so she farted on him and he brushed it away

Alexa loves to fart. She wanted to make a fart deodorant so she farted into a jar and sealed it and pranked her friend with it

Jessie and Mia were wrestling. Then winner will have the right to do whatever she wanted on the loser including farting on her and making her smell it

This slave loves his mistress's ass and her farts. This time she had a special surprise for her. She facesat on him and farted on his face and knew she would enjoy it

Lady Milena wanted to punish the slave. So she farted on the slave and made him smell her stinky farts then she facesat on him and smothered his face with her heels

Sarah and her friends have amazing asses. This guy loves them and they gave him a chance to feel them. But it was not what he expected. They made him smell their asses and farted on him.

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