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This mistress wanted to make money. She realized she could use her lovely ass to make the money. So she created a webpage where she made farting videos

Elizabeth wanted to punish a guy for messing with her friend. So they both held him down and Elizabeth smothered his face with her ass and farted on his face

This mistress has a great ass which she likes to show off. But she also likes to make guy and slaves smell her ass when she has farted. And sometimes they are wet farts so it is disgusting and humiliating and she loves it!

Mistress Ariel has a sexy ass. One that many men would love to tap. But she does not like it tapped. She prefers to make guys smell her farts when they admire it and want a piece of it

Gia and her friend Bambina both have a fart fetish and they wanted to find out who between them had the stinkiest and longest farts. So they lay on the sofa in their underwear and farted on each other's faces

This mistress is sure nasty. She likes doing disgusting and nasty things to her slave. She bent over and removed her underwear and made the slave lick and smell her asshole before releasing some long and stinky farts on his face

This mistress has a round ass and has a farting fetish. The toilet is her favorite part of the house and she spends a lot of time there releasing long farts, wet farts, smelly farts, stinky farts and gassy farts.

With a booty as nice and as big as this mistress's, she has many admirers. And she does not joke when she makes them smell her ass and puts her ass in their face

Anyone would love to fuck Irusea's nice ass. She has a nice ass and figure, but she uses it to attract and lure guys then use them to satisfy her fart fetish by farting in their faces instead

Other mistresses enjoy just farting on their slaves and disgusting them with their smelly and stinky farts. But Ariel Black goes ahead and even poops on them. She wants the humiliation and degradation to be complete, which it cannot be without scatting.

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