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This mistress did not have perfume to spray her slave's bedroom. So she resorted to farts. She farted in the room to give it a unique smell

Marinela knew that this loser was admiring her ass. She farted intentionally just to see what his reaction was going to be

Sara and Sam have a fart fetish. They like to see who can withstand the other's farts. So they compete to see who has the stinkiest farts

This girl is so naughty that she decided to tape the sounds of people who go into the toilet. She has a recorder that records especially farts

Jasmine and her friend bet that whoever pins the other down can do whatever she likes to the other. She managed to and she farted on her friend in the face

Princess Diana enticed this slave with her sexy self. And he had to smell and lick her feet and her pussy and ass. Then she farted and he smelled it too

This girl wanted to join the club of Candy and Gia. But they wanted to test her endurance. So they facesat on her and even humiliated her by farting on her face but she endured it all

Lady Milena wanted to punish the slave. So she farted on the slave and made him smell her stinky farts then she facesat on him and smothered his face with her heels

This mistress wanted to make money. She realized she could use her lovely ass to make the money. So she created a webpage where she made farting videos

This mistress has a great ass which she likes to show off. But she also likes to make guy and slaves smell her ass when she has farted. And sometimes they are wet farts so it is disgusting and humiliating and she loves it!

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