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Mariah has a weird way of humiliating and punishing her slaves, and that is with her fart fetish. She likes to bend over and then make her smell her ass while she releases loud farts, stinky farts as well as gassy farts on them

She was a sweet girl before she discovered the fart fetish. She has an ass to die for and when she discovered that guys loved it and some would pay to smell her farts and watch her do disgusting things, she found a fetish and an outlet or her pent up naughtiness not forgetting a way to make money

This mistress has a round ass and has a farting fetish. The toilet is her favorite part of the house and she spends a lot of time there releasing long farts, wet farts, smelly farts, stinky farts and gassy farts.

Disgusting and humiliating her slaves in this mistress's specialty. She does it to perfection. And she likes to humiliate them using her farts. She does it in her panties and farts on their faces and makes them smell it

This mistress is nasty. She likes eating foods which give her gas and then making her slaves endure all that fart that comes with it. She especially likes farting in their faces for maximum impact

Sparkly wanted to disgust and degrade her slave. She pooped and pissed on her underwear and gave it to her slave to wash. She wanted him to have the humiliation of washing her underwear and smell her farts

This ebony mistress was having sex with her boyfriend, but he did not know the trick she had up her sleeve. He had wronged her and she never forgot. So she waited till he was giving her head then she farted on his face

There are few things that relieve this mistress like farting. She likes to eat gassy foods and then release slow and stinky farts. She likes it when someone else is there to smell her farts. But she can also do it even when she's alone.

This girl likes to fart. She did not have someone to fart on, but that was not going to deter here. She got a toy and then directed all her smelly farts at the poor toy, which she also sat on

This bbw ebony has a big appetite. She can have several meals a day and when she's done, a healthy amount of gas is formed by then. And she's not shy about releasing it because it makes her stomach uncomfortable. She likes to fart and actually brags that her long farts can outlast anyone else's. And you only need to hear her farting and you will know that it is true.

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