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Angie has a big ass. Many guys love it and like seducing her so they can get to tap it and spank it. She once farted accidentally on a guy and much as she apologized for it, she also liked it. It became her fetish ever since and her favorite thing is to make guys endure her farts and inhale them before she has fun with them. And they always agree.

Marinela learnt of the scat fetish but she did not enjoy it much. She however liked the fart fetish one. She likes how she can create different kinds of sounds from her long farts and how they smell of different kinds of things. She likes smelly gasses because they can repulse people and she likes to take photos and videos of herself farting and sharing them with her friends with fart fetishes.

A pretty girl loves to shake her ass when she is in the bathroom, but she also loves to do a few other things. When she is dancing and shaking around she also loves to let out horrible farts. She thinks it is very fun to do and she also loves all of the smells that come from all of her horrible gas. She is laughing the entire time.

A very attractive woman is going to put on a really nice outfit that involves a leather skirt. Earlier in the day she ate a vegetable soup, so naturally she is going to have really bad gas. Instead of going and sitting on the toilet, she is going to start releasing all of her bad gas. She is laughing at how stinky and how wet all of her farts are becoming.

An ebony woman is going to show off all of her interesting farting skills. She has always been extremely vocal when it comes time to let out a really wet fart, but she also is terrific at making a slave get on the ground and sniff her ass. Her goals is to let as many farts as she possibly can, because she wants him to feel humiliated by the domination.

A lovely woman is going to have some fun with one of her slaves. She has always been deeply in this by the fact that she has such terrible gas, so when she starts letting out horrible farts, it can get very stinky. She is going to show her slave what a hard-core fart fetish is all about and she will also make him clean her dirty ass.

She is definitely one-of-a-kind when it comes time for domination and humiliation. One of her favorite things to do is to get really smelly, because she wants to make her slave feel totally worthless. She also loves to let several large long farts out, because she thinks that doing this will make her slave become a better person. She loves to humiliate him and make him feel totally pathetic and weak.

This sexy baby has always had a fetish for pantyhose and she always has love to put them on, but she always has something very particular in mind. One of her favorite things to do to her slave is make him sit right behind her ass, so that he gets a great view of watching her tight little hole release lots of horrible gases. She loves to fart in his face.

This pretty lady loves to put on a pair of tight jeans, because she always has something special in mind when her slave is about to arrive. One of her favorite things to do is to eat a male full of fiber, so when her slave arrives she has nothing for him but lots of loud farts. From there she is going to fart so hard that she shits herself.

This pretty babe always has a wonderful treat for all of her slaves. One of her favorite things to do is get into her bra and her panties, One of her favorite things to do is let out a series of long farts, so that she is able to really get her room smelling horrible. From there she will have her slave over and he is going to inhale all of her horrible stench.

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