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These women are always a great time when they are together. One of their favorite things to do is to put on sexy nylons and pantyhose. However from their they are not going to stop because they are also going to tease their slave. Their plan is to let lots of hot farts out and then force him to smell all of the stinky air that is surrounding the room.

A group of very sexy women are going to get together, because they have one thing in mind. They are going to take turns farting for a slave. They think it is very funny that they are able to let really long farts and humiliate a slave at the same time. They are going to make fun of the slave and they also are going to really make sure he is humiliated.

This pretty babe loves to do horrible things to her slave to make him feel like a total loser. One of them is to let out the worst farts right in his face. She thinks it is so funny to make him feel stupid and worthless right in front of her. Her farts are always so gross and smelly. She is laughing at him.

She pretended to have fun with him but in the real sense, she wanted to humiliate him. She trampled him with her ass and farted on him in the process

Alexa loves to fart. She wanted to make a fart deodorant so she farted into a jar and sealed it and pranked her friend with it

Dressed in jeans, this mistress does not have mercy on her slave. She uses her denim jeans to smother his face and even fart on it

This girl knew that this guy wanted to fuck her. She made him smell her pussy juices and then without warning, farted on his face and made him smell the stinky farts

Lady Milena wanted to punish the slave. So she farted on the slave and made him smell her stinky farts then she facesat on him and smothered his face with her heels

This mistress wanted to make money. She realized she could use her lovely ass to make the money. So she created a webpage where she made farting videos

Miss Doertie wanted to give out a nasty fart. So she smoked and then let the smoke mix with what she had eaten for supper. Then she gave out the fart she wanted

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