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Victoria called up one of her slaves and told him she had something so hot and sexy for him. Little did he know that she really meant she was going to let out so many farts, he is going to be gagging. The funniest part is she is going to laugh as all the farts are coming out of her tight asshole. The slave will be gagging.

A pretty girl in a red bikini might look as though she is not up to anything, but really she is going to tease her slave. The slave will find out that she is going to torture him with her really nasty farts. The slave will end up having to smell and sniff her farts when she is laughing at him being so grossed out. She is amused.

Irusik cannot getting anymore sexier than she already is. She is going to put on an outfit that is so hot, but she can also be so brutal too. She will show off her perfect cunt, and expose what all the guys love. That is not the case today, because she is going to let out nasty farts and laugh when the slaves all must sniff them.

A mistress is going to do some horrible things to her slaves. She is going to make her slave get right by her ass, so she she is able to let a fart with powder on her asshole. As she farts, the powder will end up blowing in the air along with the horrible smell. She giggles as the slave must suck up all of the scent.

Mariah is a mistress that loves to sit in the bathtub and relax. However, she also loves to do things to her slaves that can be almost mean and cruel. She loves to make her slave sit right by the tub, but she won't stop there. Her love to fart is going to come through and she will let out the worst farts ever and make her slave smell them.

Most slaves are going to love a view of an ass, especially if it's coming from a mistress that has a round ass. However, her ass comes with a price. She is going to not only get into a seductive pose, but she will start to let out a ton of horrible farts that will smell so bad, but she doesn't care. Her slaves will smell everything.

Marusea is a lady that loves to wear lingerie and panties, but she also loves to sit on her friend Ally's face. Her love for sitting on Ally's face doesn't revolve around anything sexual, but actually letting out horrible farts for Ally to smell. She has always had a fart fetish, so the two ladies love to share them and grin at all the terrible smells.

Sparkly is a mistress that might as well just sit on the toilet. She is one of those mistresses that slaves love to watch her sit there and let out farts. She will let out a bit of pee in front of her slave, but the main attraction is going to be her letting out all of this horrible has and making her slave smell all of horrible odors.

Alexa Paige is a mistress on the toilet. She is one of the ladies that prefers to be on the toilet for as long as possible, because she thinks farting and cleaning out her ass is a very important thing. She is going to also fart and feel better, because her stomach won't hurt anymore. Alexa feels so much better after she gets off the toilet.

An inked princess is going to be so bad with her horrible farts. She is a smelly girl in general, but when a slave shows interest in her ability to fart and almost shit her panties, she will have some attention. She will let her farts out and grin, because she knows they are so bad with horrible odors. She is cracking up laughing about it.

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