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Alexa is a stunning mistress that looks amazing in her denim jeans. She is going to put on her best pair of jeans because she plans on doing something really humiliating to her slave boy. She is going to release some really horrible farts in the air, and she is also going to make her slave sit there and inhale all of the horrible odors until he is ready to gag.

This lovely lady is going to have some fun with a jar. She is very creative and she likes to do things for her slave that will make them feel humiliated so that she can laugh right in their face. She is going to let all of her really stinky farts into a jar, and then put the lid on the jar. She will give each one of the jars as a present.

Lady Latoria is a mistress then enjoys drinking her cocktails as she has her personal slave clean her leather boots. She also loves to do really humiliating things to him so that he knows his place in her world. One of the favorite things she enjoys doing is making him clean her ass, but he also must inhale all of her horrible odors and he must make sure everything is clean.

A pretty lady with a bunch of tattoos has an extreme fetish that she can consider pretty bad, but she also thinks it is funny for all of her slaves that have the same type of fetish. She is able to release really bad farts and make all of her slaves smell them. She finds it to be amusing and slightly humiliating, but she does not care to she is amused.

Alexa and her smelly farts can clear a room. She takes great amusement in the fact that she is able to stink up a room so bad. She also is going to make sure that she forces one of her slave boys to get on his knees so that he is able to get a full whiff of the horrible smell that is coming from her ass. She is deeply amused.

This mistress has a great ass which she likes to show off. But she also likes to make guy and slaves smell her ass when she has farted. And sometimes they are wet farts so it is disgusting and humiliating and she loves it!

This mistress is sure nasty. She likes doing disgusting and nasty things to her slave. She bent over and removed her underwear and made the slave lick and smell her asshole before releasing some long and stinky farts on his face

Disgusting and humiliating her slaves in this mistress's specialty. She does it to perfection. And she likes to humiliate them using her farts. She does it in her panties and farts on their faces and makes them smell it

With a booty as nice and as big as this mistress's, she has many admirers. And she does not joke when she makes them smell her ass and puts her ass in their face

Marusea loves to wear her fur and relax while staring at a slave. Little does the slave know, but she ate a bunch of food that is going to make the slave gag. The slave won't know what hit him when she is done letting out farts over and over. One of the farts will make her wonder if she shit herself, because the smell was so bad.

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